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REVEALED... how to start guitar perfectly, or get off your playing plateau!


"The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar"!

I want to learn how to practice and get pro grade fingers with "The Foundation Exercises"!

All Guitar Methods Show You WHAT To Play... I Teach You HOW to play the guitar!

Knowing where to put your fingers is not enough. You have to know exactly how to place your fingers on the strings

I am going to teach you things about playing guitar you have never learned, or even heard of before. 

I am going to teach you:

  • The Light Finger
  • The Firm Finger
  • HOW to move your fingers effortlessly on the strings
  • A special routine for building speed
  • The Secrets Of Pick Control: Build Strong, Clean Picking
  • The Secrets of Fingerpicking: Absolute Control of Right Hand Fingers
  • 2 Finger Picking Patterns That Are The Key To All Others
  • How To Use The Muscles Of The Hand Correctly To Finger Pick

My Friend Told Me To Get This Book!

Bought this on the recommendation of a friend who, like me, is a guitar lover. This book is easily the best PRACTICAL instruction manual I have ever had - Ms. Andreas clearly explains why so many players encounter problems with learning the guitar.

The problems have so much to do with the physical handling and holding of the instrument - and she gives clear simple instruction and advice in how to correct the issues.

Brendan P. Delany

Stacey Began "The Principles" 2 Years Ago....


  • 60% of all people who try to learn guitar struggle to learn, and finally quit. 
  • 90% of those who learn to play at an elementary level soon stop improving, hit a plateau, and never reach their full potential on guitar.
  • WHY?   Reason #1: They are missing the foundation skills of good playing - Reason #2: They don't know how to practice and effectively train their fingers when they sit down to practice.  

Ready to start? Get the book "The Principles of Practice for Guitar" Now!

"The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar” (often called "The Holy Grail Of Guitar") has become famous with guitar students and teachers around the globe. It is THE most essential book for every guitar player, and is applicable for all levels and all styles.

Wanna become a great guitar player? You know what you need to do!

The Real Foundations Of All Good Playing

How You Must Sit & Hold The Guitar For Practice

Your whole body must be relaxed when you practice. If you don't sit and hold the guitar the way I will teach you, your own body tension will prevent finger control. 

Why You Must NOT Start Guitar At The 1st Fret!

The first fret is the hardest place to play because your arm is extended from the body to the maximum extent. This builds deadly tension into your arm and fingers, destroying finger control. 

Only The Exercises You Really Need

You don't need a lot of fingers exercises, you need the right ones. You need the Foundation Exercises that will give your fingers a level of control you have never experienced before. 

Exactly What To Do When You Practice

Practicing is not supposed to be "sitting there trying to do it, over and over". 

Training fingers for precise movement is a science. I will teach you that science. 

 What you will learn from "The Principles"........


Dangers of Deadly Tension

How tension becomes "locked-in" to muscles when you practice without sufficient awareness of your own body. 

How and why this tension makes you struggle to play - you just can't get your fingers to the strings!

As time goes by, it feels "normal". "The Principles" changes everything!


Microscopic Awareness

How you can cultivate "microscopic awareness", and how this awareness will allow you to practice with a new level of relaxation.

You will "un-lock" this tension from your fingers build an entirely new foundation of technique.

You will play better and more easily than you ever thought possible!


A New YOU As A Guitar Player!

Playing the guitar will become an entirely new experience! What seemed hard (because you were really fighting your own "locked-in" muscle tension) will now be, and feel, EASY!

If you already play, you will see yourself finally reaching new levels of guitar playing. You will realize that you can truly become as good on the guitar as you are willing to work for!

What's In "The Principles?

"Wax On, Wax Off"...Karate Kid

"The Principles" is composed of three elements.

Jamie Andreas holding the Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar

1. 26 Foundation Exercises: These are specific routines that must be done to train your fingers for basic functioning on the strings. These exercises build technique (playing ability) in a step by step fashion, each step building on the previous one, and preparing for the next. These movements are the building blocks of all movements of the fingers on the guitar (wax on, wax off). You end up with professional level guitar fingers that play easily on the strings.

2. 34 Vital Concepts: These are things which you must understand in order to begin to practice effectively. If you don't know these things when you start guitar, you will get many bad fingers habits, and you will struggle.

Example: Sympathetic Tension - if you don't know that every time you use a finger other fingers tense up and become hard to use, you will get limited results from practice. "The Principles" shows you what to do about this fundamental fact of guitar life that you will never learn anywhere else!

3. 7 Practice Tools: You are going to learn specific practice approaches to be used to solve problems in playing. Instead of just "trying to play" the music you want to learn, you will learn how to take a piece of music and systematically teach your finger to play it perfectly!

All the uncertainty and confusion about learning and practicing guitar will disappear from your life!

Guitar Zero


In 2012 Jamie Andreas was interviewed by Dr. Gary Marcus for his upcoming book on the science of how people learn guitar. Also interviewed were jazz legend Pat Martino and Tom Morello from "Rage Against The Machine".

"A teacher who impressed me immensely, and who takes a very different approach, was Jamie Andreas. Jamie is one of the few teachers who seems interested in the relationship between muscle and brain, and how to use one’s body efficiently. Swim coaches and golf teachers consider such questions all the time, but it’s decidedly rare in the field of music instruction

Guitar Zero, Penguin Pres


Get started today, Read my book and start your guitar journey!

"The Principles" is a scientific guitar method that uses the laws of body mechanics to train your fingers to play the guitar. It is the only method based on the scientific laws of how the body learns, and when you are learning guitar, you must follow these laws.

Wanna become a great guitar player? You know what you need to do!

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